Sofie Jonckheere

Sophie Jonckheere



First name

Address for correspondence







Affiliation with educational networks



1. International LEA-network (previous ECML-project): participant
2. LEA network of teachers in Belgium. Applying LEA materials: coordinator
3. Network of schools with content-based project: pedagogical coordinator
4. Network of schools: trainer (communication, education, multilingualism)
5. Network of Flemmish integration centers: partner
Work information

Occupation or position
currently held



1. Pedagogical coordinator for a Turkish content-based project (Bicultural and Multilingual education)
2. Developer of didactic materials (language awareness)
3. Teacher of Dutch for adults
4. Teacher trainer (communication, education, multilingualism)     

Name of employer


Regional Integration Center Foyer Brussels (

Country of employment


Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
1. Master's degree in Pedagogical Sciences
2. Complementary studies in Anthropology
3. Teacher certificate
Languages of communication

Mother tongue



Other languags  of communication


Spanish,  English , French, Italian, German

Contribution to the project

Professional expertise:
- Extensive experience of pluricultural and plurilingual educational environments.
- Coordination of a Turkish content-based project in Dutch primary level schools in Brussels.
- Delivery of teacher training courses to Turkish teachers.
- Development of a range of learning and teaching materials at primary level.
- Additional development of plurilingual and pluricultural materials for secondary level.
- Development of plurilingual and pluricultural materials for the LEA project (ECML).
- Coordination of a LEA network of teachers in Belgium.
- Teacher training (communication, materials, intercultural communication, multilingual education).
Role in the project team:
- Dissemination of the results of the project through the creation of a CONBAT+ Belgian network.
- Extensive plurilingual and pluricultural experience in a wide variety of contexts (educational and social).
- Expertise in the development of didactic materials.
- Expertise in teacher training.
- Experience with ECML projects: LEA.
- Team work and team management experience.



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