Action plan

Length of time required
Persons involved

Expert meeting 24-25 January

1. Discussion about and distribution of the following tasks for the first workshop:
a) Development of activities to be used in the first workshop.
b) Development of a template that will empower teachers to create learner materials to be included in a kit.
c) Development of a learner and a teacher questionnaire
2. Designation of the project web site correspondent
2 days
4 team members + 1 expert
(Fernando Trujillo member of the coordination team of LEA project of the 2nd Medium programme, ECML)
24-26 September  
This workshop will take advantage of the experience gained in the LEA project
  1. Project presentation
 2. Piloting of materials developed by the team
3. Group work to discuss about their national curriculum
4. Planning the development and piloting of participants' materials
5. Presentation of a learner questionnaire and a teacher questionnaire to be handed out in the participants' working places
6. Workshop evaluation
3 days +1 for preparation
4 team members + 1 expert Fernando Trujillo member of the coordination team of LEA project of the 2nd Medium programme, ECML

Expert meeting, April

1.Review of the materials and teacher guidelines sent by the participants
2. Selection of participants for the next network meeting (based on the quality of their submissions).
3.Analysis of the questionnaire data   processed by the Canadian partners
2 days
4 Team members
  Network meeting September
1.Exchange of feedback between team members and selected participants about the contributions to the kit
2. Exchange of materials to be piloted by participants; feedback will be required
3. Initial discussions on the publication
2 days +1 day for preparation
4 team members and 12 selected participants
Network meeting
Preparation of the final product based on reflective feedback provided by participants' experiences of the piloting phase
2 days + 1 day preparation for the team
4 Team members + 16 selected participants

Expert meeting

at OLBI, University of Ottawa, Canada 2 days 4 team members with the participation of Fernando Trujillo and Peter MacIntyre
Expert meeting
finalisation of kit
2 days
4 team members


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