Martine Kervran


Martine Kervran
Surname                            Kervran

First name                          Martine

Address for correspondence  E-mail 

Nationality                           French



Affiliation with educational networks
Member of APLV ( Association des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes/ France)
Member of EDILiC (Association Internationale Education à al diversité linguistique et cultuerlle)
Work information

Occupation or position currently held


Formatrice IUFM

Name of employer


IUFM De Bretagne

Country of employment


Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
Professeur Agrégée d’anglais
Formatrice IUFM
Docteur en sciences du langage
Languages of communication

Mother tongue



Other languages  of communication 


English, Spanish  
Contribution to the project
Teacher training experience (trainer in Insitut Universitaire de formation des maîtres since 1994)
- EVLANG (Socrates-Lingua Project, coordinated by M. Candelier.1997-2000): member of the French team and collaboration to the book L’éveil aux langues à l’école primaire (chapter 2)
- JA-LING (ECML 1ST MEDIUM TERM PROGRAMMECoordinated by M. Candelier. 2000-2004).Expert for France/ coordinator of a netwok/ collaboration to the publication -
- LEA (ECML 2ND MEDIUM TERM PROGRAMME cocordinated by M bernaus. 2003-2006) member of the coordinating team.
Role in the project team:
- Dissemination of the results of the project through teacher training institutes and institutional organisations
- Teacher training expertise at primary, secondary and third level for didactics of languages and plurilinguslism
Expertise in the development of plurilingual didactic materials for French
- Experience with other European projects: Evlang, Ja-ling, LEA
- Team work and team management experience.



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