About the training kit

The training kit shows in which way the languages and cultures present in the classroom can be developed as a cross-curricular resource at primary and secondary level. It offers twenty-six content-based didactic units in English, French and Spanish to be used in classrooms.

What is its added value?

The training kit

  • assists teachers in creating content-based and plurilingual materials in English, French, and Spanish that can be linked to several subjects of the curriculum;
  • it promotes strong links between language teachers and teachers of other disciplines


  1. Welcome
  2. Development of the project
  3. Rationale
  4. Beliefs and attitudes towards content-based teaching and plurilingualism/culturalism
  5. Sample activities for the classroom
      5.1. Contar hasta diez
      5.2. Motion in the ocean
      5.3. Les droits de l’homme
      5.4. Identidades, familia, muros y lenguas
  6. The website
  7. List of participants and activities

 Download the book here

 View the online didactic units


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