Plurilingualism and pluriculturalism in content teaching

Educational institutions increasingly face the challenge of accommodating learners from a wide range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds in their classrooms. The training kit presents an innovative way of managing diversity in the classroom by combining plurilingual and pluricultural approaches with content-based instruction. The reader will discover how content-based and plurilingual activities can be linked to several subjects of the curriculum.

This website presents sample activities which illustrate the approach outlined in the rationale. A primary school teacher will, for example, find an activity suitable for mathematics, sports and/or music and a secondary school teacher of civic, social and political education may be interested in testing out plurilingual comparative text work on the theme of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

• primary and secondary school teachers working with learners from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds
• teacher trainers looking for a training kit with very practical resources
• educational inspectors and decision-makers faced with accommodating diversity in the school curriculum.

The European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) is a Council of Europe institution promoting excellence in language education in its 34 member states.
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The training kit shows in which way the languages and cultures present in the classroom can be developed as a cross-curricular resource at primary and secondary level. It offers twenty-six content-based didactic units in English, French and Spanish to be used in classrooms. more